Traditional 12 Inch Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok

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The simple beauty of a traditional wok combined with the timeless durability of cast iron. 

This elegant wok is one of our top sellers and has all the features you are looking for: 

 Classic flat bottom design

  • Large volume 12.5" size
  • Stay cool handle
  • Durable cast iron lasts for generations
  • Non-coated and eco-friendly
  • Deep sides to prevent spillage

Excellent value and the perfect complement to your kitchen. Perfect for traditional Asian-style cooking, or use for large volume one pot meals. 


Before you begin using your wok, it is vital to first season it. This process will help eliminate the preservative oil used by oil manufacturers to keep it from rust. Replace the layer with a light coat of cooking oil. Remember to also thoroughly clean your wok after each use to give it the longevity of service. Although there may not be specific instructions for seasoning and cleaning procedures as there are many types of woks, original carbon steel woks are easiest to maintain.

After washing a carbon steel wok, dry it immediately to oil it before you store it. This will help it stay away from rust. Keep this routine until it turns blacker with time. As a wok gains more of the black color, it becomes more non-stick effortlessly.