Honeycomb Hex Design 12 Inch Non-stick Vacuum Seal Wok

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Are you looking for a one-pan-does-it-all cooking pan for your kitchen? Then look no more. Our non-stick wok, featuring super non-stick hex design technology, also doubles as a vacuum seal pressure cooking pan. 

Utilizing German-engineered vacuum seal technology, this wok seals in heat and can use pressure to create tender meats, ribs, chicken, veggies, rice, noodles - you name it. Or, use the pan as a traditional wok and enjoy the simple clean up process due to the innovative hex non-stick design. 

This wok is a clad pan, thus you get the durability and eco-friendliness of iron, which is then clad with copper, and finished in a ceramic non-stick hex surface. Simply wipe clean when done cooking. 

Features stay-cool handles and the matching vacuum sealing lid.