100 Carat Diamond Ice Cube Molding Tray
100 Carat Diamond Ice Cube Molding Tray
100 Carat Diamond Ice Cube Molding Tray
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100 Carat Diamond Ice Cube Molding Tray

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Make every drink super luxe with this diamond shape ice tray mold. Makes four perfect shaped diamond ice cubes measuring 50 x 35mm. Perfect for cocktails, ice teas, lemonades and a whole lot more! 

Eco friendly silicone mold is durable and easy to clean. Can be used in oven, refrigerator and microwave.

1. Simply fit the two diamond ice press mold pieces together to create the watertight seal.

2. The fill with water through the filling ports.

3. Place in freezer. So easy! 

diamond ice press

So why a single diamond ice cube?

Using a single, larger ice cube produces a more uniform chill in your cocktail or beverage. It also melts at a more uniform rate, thus adding more slow mellowness to cocktails, while reducing that watered down taste. 

So many uses:
  • Delicious cocktails
  • Ice teas, lemonades and juices
  • Cakes and bread molds
  • Mousse
  • Jello
  • Ice Cream
diamond ice mold

The Diamond Ice Press Cube Mold - Key Information: 

  • Food grade, 100% safe silicone construction
  • Flexible mold for easy diamond ice cube extraction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Choice of blue or black color
  • Satisfaction guarantee! 

How to Make a Perfect Diamond Ice Press Cube: 

Step 1: connect the two halves of the mold
Step 2: fill with water through one or all of the ports. Fill to top. 
Step 3: Hold mold flat (horizontal) and place on a flat surface in a freezer. 
Step 4: once frozen, gently remove the top half of mold and give the bottom half a slight twist to release your diamond ice cubes. 
Step 5: add one (or two) diamond ice cubes to your favorite beverage. 

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